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Can I give you a list of 5,000 members you can email daily? A list that grows fast and is guaranteed to make you money?
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Phil Basten here and I am excited.
I discovered a major company that pays me to build my list. And I'm not just excited for my company; I'm excited for you.
Here's what happened.

For the past 30 days, I've been testing a new email system that a contact told me about. I joined for free, and I must admit I was stunned.
First, I received a 5,000-subscriber list.
No. That's not a misprint. They gave me a list of 5,000 people free of charge. It would have taken me many months to build a list like this. And it didn't cost me a red cent.
But that's not all. After 7 days, my 5,000-subscriber list had grown by 1,842 members to 6,842 subscribers.
Next, I received 500,000 free email credits.
That's right; they gave me 500,000 FREE mailing credits to send emails that let me earn money from clicks so I could see how their system works. After 7 days, my click income had grown to $82.20. Now that's what I call nice. Remember, I didn't pay any money to get this. This is free money.
But there's more...
They also gave me 200,000 free list-building credits to help me grow my list of 5,000 people, and, as I said above, after 7 days, my list had grown to 6,842.
There is no way I could grow a list of subscribers this fast without this system, and my partner Jane and I know how to build lists. We've been doing that for the past 22 years.
More importantly, this is a list of people that opened the emails I have been sending, so I know they are alive, active, and reading my emails, and that is valuable.
And that's not all...
When you have used up your free credits and made some click commissions, you can buy more mailing and list-building credits at a discount (they are always running specials) to continue to earn money from clicks, or you can advertise affiliate sites you belong to and grow your list simultaneously.
Before I forget let's talk about money...
1: You earn commissions from sending the system emails they provide and earning 10 cents a click. This mounts up fast; as they say, little fish are sweet.
2: You also earn commissions when you promote the system, and someone signs up under you, uses their free credits, builds their lists, and upgrades. And they pay on time.
The best part is, when they upgrade and invest in the $97 package, you receive 100% of the first $97 they spend and then 5% commission on ALL their future purchases, no matter how large. 
This system is simple to use, and you can build a list of people interested in Internet marketing and opportunities who click on ads and check out what you offer.
You can use their ads and add an affiliate link for any site. This is a lifesaver, especially if you need help formulating coherent sentences. I use some of these ads, too, to save time.
They also have regular exclusive offers, so take advantage of them. You can save a ton of money while you make money.
This service is not simply good; it is exceptionally good. The company does what they say they will do. They are all about R.O.I. (Return on Investment), and they earn money when you make money.
I like that. They earn when you earn.

Try it for free.

You will like this site a lot.
Day 48 - Our combined total list size: 75,851

Our combined commissions are $6,982.35

Our combined outlay for our upgrades is $394.40

We are in profit $6,587.95

Payments are sent on Friday, usually appearing in our bank on Tuesday or Wednesday.

This site is a winner, and we highly recommend it.

We are earning money and building a list with zero out-of-pocket spending, and the best part is that these numbers increase daily.
This is the power of using this system.
Your list is your business.

You can do this.
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